Just like a good hunting companion, you want support you can trust. This product is built by a hunter for hunters.


As a hunter, I am like you. I can attest to the number of times this product would have come in handy on my own trips throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Just imagine if all of your hunting equipment was designed by someone who understood your needs, who understood what the market currently lacks in terms of performance and functionality. Luckily, you’ve found me.

The JG Rifle Support might look simple. But it was developed after extensive field testing. It is totally constructed from 6061 T aluminum and is powder-coated for durability and aesthetics. Both the height and diameter were designed for comfort, but allows the shooter to maintain a firm grip and fine-tuning precise adjustments. It is the only rifle support that allows you to do this while in a shooting position.

  • Mark A.
    The J. G. Rifle Support is a must have! I don’t leave home without it.
    Mark A.
  • C. E. H.
    It is not often that you buy something that outperforms the rest.
    C. E. H.
  • Joe F.
    Finally, a support that really works!
    Joe F.
  • Sarp S.
    So simple and easy to use!
    Sarp S.
    Caprinae Safaris, Turkey
  • Ben G.
    I purchased both the standard and telescopic models. They work great! I never go shooting without them
    Ben G.

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