1What’s the difference between the standard model and the lightweight model?
The standard model is for rifles with basic bipods. The lightweight design is approximately 30% lighter. Other than that, their functionality is the same.
2What’s the first step when using either standard height lightweight bipod support models?
First, unfold the legs on the bipod and place the rifle support so that the V block rest is up against the pistol grip and adjust the rest to the slope of your stock and tighten. Aside from checking for tightness, no further adjustments are needed.
3What if my rifle doesn’t have bipods?
Place sandbags in front of the rifle so it is somewhat elevated with the rest in position.
4How do I make adjustments with the rifle support when I’m in shooting position?
In the shooting position, with crosshairs above the impact point, you only need to keep a grip on the base and, with the thumb and forefinger, rotate the dial counter-clockwise to lower crosshairs down to impact point. Rifles without bipods adjust as needed. The rest can be moved back as needed to better fit your position.
5What’s the difference between this and your second design?
The second design is the same as the first but with an additional feature: It is telescopic.
6When or why should I use the telescopic feature?
The telescopic feature is good when using bipods with longer legs or taking steep, downhill shots. It is mostly used for shooters in the sitting position.
7How do I use the support for high bipods with the three-piece telescopic design?
For the primary adjustment, unfold the legs on your bipod and place the rifle on a level surface. Hold the bottom of the rest. The top, black thumb screw locks the three pieces for storage and locks the first step when extended. Loosen it just enough that stored sections will clear. While holding bottom, pull up until first step stops. Then, tighten thumb screw to lock. The third section is spring-loaded. Place the V block top rest under the pistol grip and hold the back of the rifle. Then, loosen the thumb screw and raise the back of the rifle. Raise it about half-travel, tighten the thumb screw and adjust the V block to the slope of the stock. Tighten firmly, and you’re done! No further adjustments are needed, except for the occasional re-check.
8How do I use the telescopic feature in shooting position?
With the support in position, under the stock, you loosen the thumb screw and raise as needed for coarse adjustment. It is spring-loaded and will follow. Snug the thumb screw and rotate the base 180 degrees or place thumb screw at the 3 o’clock position for a firm grip with no interference.
9What’s the advantage of the V block design?
It was chosen because it is self-centering on any stock and also follows the slope of the bottom of the stock. It is also adjustable to fit the angle of any stock.
10Why did you choose rubber coating?
It is the most practical. There's just enough surface roughness to grip, and it is weather-resistant.

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