The Idea

Let me introduce you to a rifle support that actually works.

It started in 2018.

On a trip to Iran, my hunting companion and I were sighting in our rifles. We tried using one of the newest rifle supports, but it was clunky and wouldn’t work.

“Can’t you come up with something better than this?” my friend asked.

As someone who built record-setting racing engines for over 45 years, creativity is a part of me.

I find creative solutions.

So, I started developing a design for better rifle support.

The simplicity of this rifle support is a testament to lots of thought and actual field-testing. The simplicity strengthens its functionality.

On a recent trip to Pakistan, my hunting guide tried my support and was impressed.

“Have you thought about making one for use with very high bi-pods for hunters when they sit and shoot?” he asked me after firing a few shots.

That’s when I developed a telescoping design that compacts to roughly 10” and works with 25-27” bi-pods.

Though these supports are designed primarily for rifles with bi-pods, I have a design that works for rifles without them. I have used my own with the bi-pod unfolded, resting the front, while still using the support without any issues.

  • Mark A.
    The J. G. Rifle Support is a must have! I don’t leave home without it.
    Mark A.
  • C. E. H.
    It is not often that you buy something that outperforms the rest.
    C. E. H.
  • Joe F.
    Finally, a support that really works!
    Joe F.
  • Sarp S.
    So simple and easy to use!
    Sarp S.
    Caprinae Safaris, Turkey
  • Ben G.
    I purchased both the standard and telescopic models. They work great! I never go shooting without them
    Ben G.

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